I’m following the Hacking with Swift book, on project 12 now, but due to limits on the free Apple developer plan, the last 8 have the same bundle identifier (uk.co.cowlibob.Project4).Here’s hoping it will shortly be worth paying the £79 yearly fee. 😁

CorrectedTime App

A dinghy racing results app that allows you to: Submit race results, organized into events Autocomplete everything – Sailor names, class, sail number, PY number Automatic local weather report for each race Explore a sailor’s history and performance Scoring applied to sailors, not boats. This allows change of crews & classes with little penalty. Start […]

Inspired by @manton , I’m deploying a wiki for my apps knowledgebase. I’ve been deploying with Dokku, so I’m trying wiki.js on node for now.

This is a great discussion on management and leadership in engineering. Relevant to engineers and managers overcast.fm

I love reeder app. Having not touched my RSS feeds for years (replaced by Twitter surfing), I’ve rediscovered some old favourite bloggers. First up, Mike Gunderloy

Started reading: Peter Godfrey Smith’s Other Minds – the octopus and the evolution of intelligent life 📚