Any #Pubs #Clubs #Restaurants in #Sheffield want to get on with #StrawFreeSheffield ? Or citizens want to ask them, nicely, to look at alternatives, sign here. — Help Sheffield (@HelpSheffield) February 6, 2018

The NHS may not be perfect, but it remains the most accessible health system in the world and you will never be turned away based on your bank balance Please RT if you’re proud of that fact — NHS Million (@NHSMillion) February 6, 2018

Protip: See a,, or link and wanna spy on how many people clicked on it? Copy and paste the URL and add a “+” to the end. — Peter Cooper (@peterc) February 6, 2018

Yes, we need Proportional Representation. We need to reform our democracy to make it work. In the meantime VOTE TACTICALLY: get over the tribalism for a moment & vote only for anti-Brexit parties in the May council elections. #ABTV = Anti-Brexit Tactical Voting. #ABTV rt widely. — A C Grayling #FBPE #ABTV#WATON (@acgrayling) February […]

I’m not saying degrees are useless, TBH the only people who will tell you that a degree is useless are the people that already have one – and they don’t remember how many doors open for you when you get a degree. — Melissa Fierce (@melissapierce) January 30, 2018