A fascinating thread about – possibly – the first instance of ethical hacking in computer programming. It’s a story I’d never heard. It’s a story we should probably be telling everyone who is involved in programming and development! https://t.co/IGAqgSvq9N — James 「ジャム」 Gregory (@jamgregory) January 29, 2018

Super interesting stats from github usage by language. Initially shocking decline in ruby is investigated; looks rosier than first glance implies. Thanks @benfredericksonhttps://t.co/PcL0fdJHyS — James Cowlishaw (@cowlibob) January 27, 2018

And a bike is less polluting than either. Problem with Sheffield City is that the streets favour car usage over sustainable forms of transport. Would like to see a scheme that gives all residents an opportunity to try out ebikes on those hills in Sheffield. https://t.co/QvKUzeZW8u — ♻Michael J Keane ♻ (@KeaneMJ) January 21, 2018

Ran out of petrol today. Country lane. Trudging along, passed by myriad cars. Romanian Amazon driver stopped, drove me to filling station and back with can of fuel. Bloody foreigners. Coming over here, working like dervishes and finding time for random kindness. — Ian French 🇪🇺 #FBPE (@Retiredgoth) January 17, 2018

Hi @Jeremy_Hunt, Here is another question for you – hopefully you will have time to answer this one. Do you agree with the 68 heads of A&E who say conditions are currently “Intolerable”? Thanks, NHS Million Team Please RT if you also want to know Jeremy’s answer to this http://pic.twitter.com/N5sNl9of7z — NHS Million (@NHSMillion) January […]

Fed up of letting vacation days go unused, I’m building a tool to send occasional reminders to book holiday. Signup to be reminded when the reminders go live!https://t.co/qZBjdR4Uxw http://pic.twitter.com/gtu5bymHG3 — James Cowlishaw (@cowlibob) January 1, 2018