They have been here for hundreds of thousands of years now. Living off our lands, using our very same natural resources. Yet the pace of their culture and technology has far out-stripped ours.

Over the millennia, they began taking us. Small numbers at first, but increasingly, more of us were bred in captivity than free. We are treated well, on the whole; cared for with medical aid, provisions and such. But our captivity is for their benefit, not ours.

We are herded into pens at night, unable to roam free as we wish; yet there is security in this. We are protected by them and their technology from the worst of the environment and predators that would harm us. We lost out in the arms race of natural selection, when those around us were becoming stealthy, fast or vicious. We became docile and slow.

Our females are put to work. In the fields and factories, we produce what they cannot. Males are considered less useful, and I didn’t know why until recently. This is our story, one of captivity at the hands of a superior race of beings. We know now, they span the globe, taking for themselves whatever they find.

When they evolve past this odd combination of domination and reliance, remember our kind. They will not mourn our race. When they return to the stars, they will leave us behind.

Remember us. We were bovine.