• I resolve never to complain about hot weather when it finally arrives. Working as Dad’s Taxi today though, I can think of better things to do in 33°c heat. Looking forward to our trip to the beach!

  • Text editors for Rails

    I’ve been evaluating different text editors for Ruby on Rails work on macOS.

    Sublime Text 4 is a paid upgrade, which is fine. However, it was automatically upgraded to and I now get the nagware prompts. Which prompted me to check if the upgrade from 3 to 4 was my best option.

    So I’ve looked at Nova, which I loved, and would like to support. However, I’m now trialing RubyMine, which I really didn’t want to like, but it’s brilliantly thought out for what I do. Maybe an actual IDE is what I’m looking for…

    I’ve worked before in Vim. It appeals to me greatly, but never got completely comfortable with the inter-file navigation, plug-ins and all. I’ll give it another shot later.

    But for now, it looks like RubyMine could be getting my business.

  • Slow text paste into irb

    I’ve struggled for a while with slow pasting of text into iterm2. Last week, I tried the stock macOS Terminal app, but found the same issue.

    It turns out this is not related to the terminal client (iTerm 2 has options to slow down paste for compatibility), or event to zsh (ohmyzsh had a bug related to this a few years ago), but to irb.

    To work around the slow pasting of multiline text into irb disable multiline

  • I just preordered Matthew Bogart’s Incredible Doom 📚 for UK release.


  • I love these videos and how they are presented, but The Final Border left me feeling pretty depressed about the loss of 94% of the universe to future generations!


  • New iMac looks great but…

    The new M1 iMacs look interesting. I wonder if they will be able to act as an external screen for another computer, as display mode did years ago.

    I wish the chin had been removed, or at least coloured in the same vibrant hues as the backplane.

    The new ultra wide camera on the iPad Pro with “center stage” would have been great for the iMac, but it just gets a 1080p camera.

    I wonder how the next iMac (27in equivalent) will differ, and how the future revisions of the 24in model will evolve?

  • Cobwebs be gone!

    A jaunt to the sailing club with my very fine helm. Still in lockdown, so no sailing. But given the wind, that’s just as well.

  • I love these videos by Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell. Here’s How to Move the Sun: Stellar Engines, which builds on How to Build a Dyson Sphere…


  • I just finished reading: Heavy Weather Sailing 7th edition by Bruce, Peter 📚

    a great repository of information on sea-worthiness, but also recountings and analysis of storms managed both successfully and unsuccessfully in the past. this is one book i will be re-reading in the future.

  • I recently finished reading: Why We Sleep by Matthew P. Walker 📚

    its really got me thinking about that work/life balance and changed my approach to sleep. 10/10

  • A new Posterous?


    Hey.com are experimenting with blogging via email; something that feels very like Posterous, before they were acquired by Twitter and shutdown. It’s an idea I’ve kicked around with before, but never seen a way to make it pay as a service.

    Handling attachments and signatures always seemed like a fun task, but I see they only accept posts from your hey.com account. This (I presume) reduces complexity over email client compatibility and spam handling.

  • I think capital one just ran a filter to remove the logo from the laptop, and Mr Jackson’s head is collateral damage.


  • I’ve experienced some unexpected shutdowns on my 2019 MBP 16”. Fans hit max for just a split second and reboot. Mostly, this occurs when booting into Windows 10 via bootcamp.

    Similar to @brentsimmons issue, though I’ve only seen it maybe twice in Big Sur itself.

  • I stumbled across rapidapi.com this weekend, a nice aggregator/marketplace of APIs. If you’re looking for online data, this is a good way to explore what’s around, signup and even pay for access.

  • Happy to share my new app went live on the iOS store. Another one for dinghy sailors; or rather dinghy sailing race management.

    A pursuit race start sequence timer, for those in the niche! blog.cowlibob.co.uk/pursuit-t…

  • I’m joining a coding challenge, the Advent of Code

    Supporting the challenge can be done via coinbase if needed, but the author points out it’s better not to: Bitcoin energy consumption

  • The more I learn, the more comfortable I am with my own ignorance.

    On a related note: 10x.engineer and 1x.engineer

  • Plans for orbiting solar power! I give 👍👍👍to new, greener energy tech. But is our current government capable of this?

    It sounds like an ego project for Boris to me.

    Space based solar power by 2050

    Current UK fuel mix

  • I’m currently exploring Big Sur. Playing with maps, I see that the London Eye actually rotates in 3D Satellite map mode. I don’t know if thats new, but it’s pretty cool. Does anyone know of other animated landmarks?

  • Dog poop bags and fake ID are surprisingly similar. Buying the cheapest possible can get you into a very sticky situation.

  • Aftermath of bonfire night in lockdown; no organised events, so a seemingly unending release of garden fireworks led to this pea-souper from 1950’s Britain.

  • I’m sorry to learn that Mike Gunderloy, former rails contributor has decided to give up blogging as he retires from tech in general. afreshcup.com/home/2020…

  • I haven’t played with GitHub Actions yet; but this is a really interesting use.

    GitHub - upptime/upptime: ⬆️ Uptime monitor and status page powered by GitHub

  • A great article for EU Cookie law, of which I seem to need reminding of every year. How EU Cookie Law Myths Affect Web Security

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